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Testimonials from Our Clients.

Stanley Tongbe

Counselling Business Coach and Founder

Exceptional brand Strategist, Coach and Consultant

Kollington Jemine is an exceptional brand Strategist, Coach and Consultant whose out-of-the-box approach has greatly been of amazing benefits to me in my journey into coaching and consulting. In this book, he succinctly outlines steps that have been validated in strategy, coaching and consulting sessions. I highly recommend him and his resource to anyone who desires to get it right in his/her coaching and consulting business.

Caius Eze

Founder/Executive Director, NGO Founders Global Network - Germany

No doubt, one of the World's most contemporary idealist

Kollington Jemine is no doubt, one of the World's most contemporary idealist, new media consultant, seasoned brand strategist and online business coach of our time to be reckoned with. I call him " idea-centric Man ". His works are exceptionally topnotch. Kollington, has never ran out of ideas. He'll for sure leave you waod with a touch of excellence on your job. Working with him has always been a fulfilling experience.

Oluseun Karis Olaniyi

Resilience and Peak Performance Expert

He posseses the ability to connect with others on a profound level.

Kollington Jemine's coaching and mentoring has been transformative. He posseses the ability to connect with others on a profound level and this makes me feel seen,heard and valued. His unparalleled expertise,skill,knowledge and experience as a brand strategist will expand your horizon and ignite a passion within you to constantly strive for excellence.

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Branafrikana Knowledge Bank is a dedicated Learning Management Platform offering high-quality courses in personal development, business strategy, personal branding, online marketing, making money online and vocational skills etc... Our platform is designed to empower individuals and businesses with actionable knowledge and strategies for success.

Branafrikana Knowledge Bank caters to a diverse audience, including thought leaders, knowledge experts, product-based entrepreneurs, and corporate brands. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, our courses are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our courses stand out for their quality content, actionable insights, and diverse learning paths. Crafted by industry experts, these courses ensure real-world applicability, fostering a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Upon enrollment, you'll gain access to our user-friendly online platform. From there, you can navigate through your chosen courses, engaging in lessons and discussions at your own pace.

Absolutely! Branafrikana Knowledge Bank promotes community engagement. Join discussions, connect with fellow learners, thought leaders, and experts, fostering collaboration and shared success.

Yes, we offer free resources and trial courses to provide a glimpse into the value our platform offers. It's an excellent way to experience our approach before committing to a full course.
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